How does spyware get into smartphones

With TikTok and the other malware apps, the app is not innocent at first and then happens to get compromised, says a IT security expert. The developer of the app built back doors, spy functions and other things into the app from the outset and took great care to ensure that no one would notice. The popular Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat are only the tip of the iceberg. WeChat is a universal app that combines messaging with payment functions and other social media applications. It is very popular in China. Among IT experts, there is little doubt that all the data flowing through it is gathered completely by the Chinese regime. Many apps seem innocuous and harmless to start with. At first, there is only a small back door that an attacker can use later. "Even if you look at the app now, and it is only doing harmless things, the Chinese manufacturer is often able to extend the functionality at runtime," says Strobel. "All of a sudden, the app does completely different things without having been updated somewhere from the app store."

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