Smart City

Google's Sidewalk Labs's plans to build a smart city "from the internet up" in a disused waterfront area of Toronto. It does contain too much "tech for tech's sake", an independent panel has said. It also accused the company of being too vague about what it planned to do. Some of the planned innovations were "irrelevant or unnecessary", it added, and did not seem to put citizens first. Sidewalk Labs has said it has consulted thousands of Torontonians and they are at the core of its development plans.But the panel of 15 people, including academics, urban technology and legal experts, "felt that the plan did not appear to put the citizen at the center of the design process for digital innovations, as was promised in the beginning and is necessary for legitimacy". "Some of the solutions felt like 'tech for tech's sake' - applying a complex technological solution to a situation that mostly doesn't need it," it said.

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Source: Image The Intercept / Content BBC